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Financial Gap Analysis

Start at the beginning – the Financial Gap Analysis is a deep-dive into company finances performed by a CFO. It gives you in-depth insight into the risks and opportunities within your current finance function, as well a strategy to approach them to maximize company value.


Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company. As founders, you need to have a deep understanding of cash flow. We utilize top tools and approaches to help you plan and forecast business cash flow.


Financial Decision-Making

The ongoing financial decisions that are part of operating a business have an impact on your resources and success. Make the right calls with the help of a part-time CFO who can make meaning of the numbers.


Risk Management Controls

Risk is an inherent part of doing business. Value enhances by identifying and mitigating risk. Manage the risk factors in your company downwards with a strong control environment, risk registers and more.


Financial Forecasts and Projections

Strong financial models highlight a clear strategy for future growth as well as a thorough understanding of your business. Get the confidence to wow your next financier.


Business Valuations

The value of a business needs to be determined when shares change hands. Whether you are looking to issue new shares to an investor, buy out a shareholder or sell the company – an independent valuation report helps you determine the right price tag.


Accounting, Audit & Taxation Support

Month-end closes, audit preparation sprints and dealing with auditors push your finance team into the red at key intervals during the year. Add additional capacity to your accounting efforts to make those deadlines every time without burning out your team.


Business Analysis and Cost Structuring

Maximize revenue by focusing on low friction revenue streams. Minimize cost by carefully pruning expenses. Identify and double down on the most profitable areas of your business to achieve outsized profit results.


Fundraising Services

Seed round? Series A? Series B? Now you are talking our language. Make your fundraising drive bulletproof with various fundraising support services for entrepreneurial companies.


Treasury and Working Capital Optimization

Decrease debtors’ days. Increase creditors days. Decrease inventory days. These three levers help you generate and keep more cash in the business at your current turnover and profit mark, decreasing dependency on operational capital.


Incorporating Fintech and Automation

Recent technological advances enable small and mid-sized companies to run their finances with the same depth of insight previously only reserved for large corporates. Deploy the latest financial technology in your business.


Legal Liasoning

For a CFO to produce accurate financial statements, they need to have a clear view of the company's contracts and legal obligations something they can only get by working in close collaboration with your legal team. Such collaborations also give them an opportunity to review your legal documents to see if they're in the best interests of the business.

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